"it's not that i love you..it's just that..nobody knows it..but i really feel like you're mine..
you're the one who makes me laugh..and i don't know if i cause this effect on you..i hope so..wanna have you forever..
Note have you..but being sure that you'll always be there for me, cherishing me for what i am..and that you'll always be right next to me..just right there..where i can hear you whispering at my ears and telling me we're the perfect couple..that you will never disappoint me..and that i've never ever disappointed you..
I like when you say i'm perfect though i know nobody is..i like when you say i excite you..that i'm the prettiest girl you've ever seen..the most wonderful..i like when you say you want me for you..It's good to know that you will never share me with anyone..that you'll never give me up..
So, hear me boy..i'm addicted to you..it's not only when you make me laugh..it's when i cry and i really wished you were near me for some help..When i hear those songs..God i really miss your arms..-it's not "miss" 'cause i've never tried them - but i wish i had..And then your lips...! They drive me insane..i bet they taste like the perfect orange juice..but could i try, please?.."

Não fui eu que escrevi..encontrei quando andava por ai a vaguear na net..e axei engraçado..porque..I mean..e' bastant apaixonado..LoOL